About Us

Our Philosophy

The goal of our firm is to meet the evolving legal needs of the community by providing the highest quality legal services with uncompromising ethical standards. We maintain a client-oriented, technologically efficient and process-driven environment. To further accomplish our goals, our attorneys and staff strive to:

  1. Maintain the highest professional standards in all matters of the practice.
  2. Meet or exceed every client's expectations for efficient, effective and professional legal services.
  3. Build foundations with our clients to ensure long-term relationships.
  4. Seek out and participate in opportunities to expand our knowledge of the law and capacity to deliver legal services.
  5. Be respectful and courteous towards our clients, vendors and opposing counsel.
  6. Uphold the high degree of camaraderie that flourishes in our firm.
  7. Recognize that the financial stability of the firm is a key value and that our time and advice is our stock in the trade.

Our guiding philosophy is to provide clients with the legal tools and options that will enable them to take control of their personal and business affairs. We understand that the qualities that clients value most in ther professional advisors are competence, responsiveness and sensitivity to their needs.

We believe that clients are best served if they maintain long-term relationships with their attorneys and other advisors, and we strive to create and maintain those relationships.

We place special emphasis on listening carefully to our clients, helping them understand their options, and communicating our advice in English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Esperanto, Croation and Bosnian.

Our Mission

SPEHAR & ASSOCIATES is a law firm dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and cost-effective legal services to the general community. Each of the members maintains high standards of continuing legal education and certification int their fields of expertise. Each attorney and staffperson understand that the complex judicial system is often bewildering to all citizens, and we seek to guide our clients through their legal needs with the least cost, time and expense.

We represent clients aggressively and with an eye towards the values upon which our firm was built: integrity, loyalty and personal service. We pride ourselves on giving our clients personal attention, returning telephone calls promptly, and dealing with clients, opposing counsel and the judicial system with respect and integrity. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we may assist you with your legal needs.

We provide
superior client representation
in a professional and ethical manner,
while experiencing high job satisfaction,
earning a high standard of living
and having fun;
to make our world a safer place for us all.